Guest Post – Jonathan Densmore

In my opinion, the greatest thing ever invented is the camera. With this beautiful device, any single moment or memory can be preserved and revisited almost indefinitely. When the mind’s remembrance begins to fade, the eyes can fall upon a photo and the past has become the present.

Today I am happy to have NYC photography instructor Jonathan Densmore contribute to this blog with a guest post on GoPro Digital photography.

Enjoy the article, and be sure to follow him on Twitter – @jondensmore

GoPro Digital Photography

Public radio personality Ira Glass gave an inspirational talk about the secret of success for people in creative fields. He says that the people who pursue work in creative industries are drawn to that kind of work have really good taste. Because they have good taste, they struggle with self-perception as they <ahref=””>master their creative craft</a>. For the first few years, they look at the work that they do and are frustrated because it doesnít live up to their exceptional taste. Glass reassures the creative that this frustration is normal and merely a symptom of their unique ability to identify greatness. The best thing a creative type can do, he claims, is to continue to put in work so that they can continue to improve. Eventually you will close the gap between your abilities and your ambitions.

Advances in technology have helped to improve the quality of <a href=””>creative production</a>. In the past, people involved in creative occupations were required to put in significant time to master their skills. However, technological advances have made it easier for people to create exceptional products in virtually every creative field, including architecture, <a href=””>lighting</a&gt;, graphic design, art and photography.

In this current technology-driven age, digital cameras are everywhere. They are included in virtually all laptops, tablets and even cell phones. Because cameras are ubiquitous, amateur photography has become extremely popular as people use social media to document their lives and share their experiences with their friends. While technology has increased the popularity of amateur photography, camera technology has improved drastically, helping inexperienced photographers create incredible digital images.

GoPro creates digital photography technology that allows even amateur photographers to capture high-quality action shots. Go Pro accessories include wearable and gear-mountable equipment, such as <a href=””>the GoPro Stick</a>, that make it possible to take photos on the go. These accessories are durable enough to wear even while you participate in extreme sports. GoPro has also created free apps that let you operate your camera remotely, providing countless opportunities to unleash your creativity.



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