A Laugh at Yourself is the Best Kind of Laugh

As the family says goodbye after brunch,  my mother exclaims, “Megan, are you wearing 2 different shoes??!?!”

…turns out I was. I had been deciding between 2 pairs and got distracted before leaving the house…and going out in public….

We all had a tear-inducing laugh when I realized I still had errands to run. Do I take an extra 30 minutes to run home and change or do I just suck it up? (I have always been extremely self – conscious).

Then my mother says, “Who cares? No one will notice, and if they do, why care?”

So I went to the grocery store, up and down several aisles, got back to my car and had another laugh. In some silly way, it was exhilarating and empowering.

While making fun of someone or being laughed at is horrible, learning how to laugh at yourself is wonderful.

#ownit #WaveYourHandsInTheAirLikeYouJustDontCare



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