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The (ELLE UK) Interview – #woman

Well folks, here it is.

A few months ago I received a message that a woman wanted to interview me for a magazine about womanhood, identity and femininity. She had heard the story about my mother and specifically sought me out to see how that shaped my views as I grew into my own woman.
That woman was Lou Stoppard and that magazine was @elleuk .

It is interesting, reading the stories of the other women, and then reading my own. My first thoughts are how uninteresting and unaccomplished and uninspiring I am…..WHY do we do that to ourselves?

Then I really sat back and thought about each of my words, and all of the memories and life lessons attached to them. I have made mistakes, I have failed, but I have grown into a very resilient and independent woman with the most sentimental of hearts.
It has taken years, but I can finally say, that on most days, I feel beautiful and proud.
I hope every person is able to find that feeling within themsleves. It is empowering.
Be honest. BE KIND.  Be healthy. Be confident.  BE YOU.
This is true beauty.

#loveyourself #truebeauty #noshame




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